Transnational Meeting & Workshop, March 2-6, 2015, Radviliskis, Lithuania

Project’s second transnational meeting is organized on 2-6 March 2015, at Radviliskis District Municipality Educational and Sport Service Centre in Radviliskis, Lithuania. All partner institutions were represented in the meeting. First day is dedicated to project management issues such as the first internal reports, declaration and documentation of activities and costs, dissemination activities. All partners made presentations about their activities. Future activities were planned. A presentation was made about Ankara Workshop, its outcomes and lessons learned.

Following days were dedicated to workshops. A two days workshop (3-4 March) run with school librarians from the district which is followed by another two days (5-6 March) workshop run with teachers and students. The role of school libraries, and how social media could be used in the libraries were explored by the use of X-Libris methodologies.

As an outcome participants proposed five new services.

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