Transnational Meeting & Workshop, held in June 8-12, 2015, Leipzig & Kabelsketal, Germany

Project’s third transnational meeting was organized between 8-12 June 2015, at Leipzig and Kabelsketal, Germany. First day was for study visits to Stadtbibliothek Leipzig (City Library of Leipzig) and Bibliotheca Albertina  (Albertina University Library) to observe innovative smart ICT based library services. Second day is dedicated to project management issues such as reports and documentation of activities, costs, and dissemination initiatives. A workshop will be organized on the following two days (10-11 June) with local stake holders. Last day was for the evaluation of the workshop and preparations for first year’s project report. Workshop will take place at Dorfgemeinschaftshaus Kabelsketal, while the other meetings will be at seminar room of Wisamar in Leipzig.

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