Transnational Meeting & Workshop, held in February 22-26, 2016, A Coruña, Spain


Project’s fifth transnational meeting was organized between 22-26 February 2016, in A Coruña, Spain.

First day was dedicated to project management issues such as reports and documentation of activities, costs, and dissemination initiatives as well as discussions about intellectual outputs which were already completed.

Second day started with partner presentations about services they have developed within the project outputs and progress achieved so far. Second day afternoon was devoted to Brick-me platform. Partners worked on translation of the interface into their languages (Turkish, German, Bulgarian and Lithuanian) and reached to a consensus on a not-clear statements. The transition of the Brick-me platform as the OER platform to multilingual nature was completed.

On the third day partners were given a training on how to upload content to the platform and they had a hands on session.

Fourth day was used for a traning on MOOC platforms and video creation tools to facilitate the production of next output (MOOC) of the project. Last day was devoted to hands-on practice on Udemy Platform as a MOOC platform. Additionally partners worked on the roadmap of the X-Libris online course content (for MOOC).

Meeting Minutes – Participants List