TR- Green Libraries

The aim of this service is to develop a training program to make learners aware of the impact of libraries on the environment and teach them how to make libraries green and environmentally more friendly. This service is developed because there are no courses available in LIS curricula in any of the LIS departments in Turkey. And it was observed during the “library services co-design” workshops with librarians and LIS sudents that when they create library models they always put green elements (such as trees and plants) and claim it as a green library. This was also a proof which indicated a gap in knowledge and a need for education on the subject.

Several training workshops were organized for the implementation of this training service. As a result of these trainings more than 200 individuals (LIS students, librarians, professors) were trained. Additionally to include green libraries training permenantly in the curricula of Hacettepe University Department of Information Management, in October 2015 a course for doctoral level (titled: Environmental Sustainability and Libraries) was proposed to university authorities and approved by University Senate and will be available for doctoral students starting from 2016-2017 academic year.

Following trainings were organized within the life span of the project between October 2015 to June 2016.:

  • A half an hour presentation was made during the Project Final Event which took place in Ankara on 27th June 2016. More than hundred individuals participatedin this event.
  • A Summer Seminar was organized as an in-service training for librarians at Hacettepe University on 15th June 2016. Twentynine librarians participated.
  • A two hours training workshop was organized at Hacettepe University for the second year students at the Department of Information Management on 29 April 2016. Thirty students participated.
  • A workshop titledGo Green and Keep the Earth Clean was organized at the  ECIL2015 Conference on 22nd October 2015. Fifteen participants (librarians and library science professors) from 14 different countries (Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, USA, and UK) participated in this two hours workshop.
  • A workshop was organized for the students of Information and Communication Sciences at Paris Descartes University, Paris, France on 14 October 2015. Twentyseven students participated.