Onsite Training and Consultation for School Librarians, Radviliskis, Lithuania

Following the in-service training programs on social media tools, onsite individual training and consultation provided by Non-formal Training Department for Adults and Youths of Radviliškis District Municipality Educational and Sport Service Centre, for school librarians in order to help them to develop the new services they designed. Between November 2015 to May 2016, trainers Arvydas Kavaliauskas and Egidijus Dailidonis visited five school libraries and helped librarians in Radviliskis district to establish their social media based services.

Individual onsite trainings were as follows:

How to organize digital exhibitions on Pinterest and on Facebook for the new arrivals (books). Carried out in Radviliškis Lizdeika”s Gymnasium by Arvydas Kavaliauskas. Two librarians were trained: Gražina Ivanauskienė and Valė Kondratenko.

How to create digital material about events and occasion in the library for publishing on social media. Took place in Radviliškis District Šeduva’s Gymnasium. One librarian, Vita Kasarauskienė, was trained.

How to use Smore for publishing school library’s events. Took place in Radviliškis District Šiaulėnai M. Šikšnys Gymnasium. School librarian Nijolė Valatkienė was trained by Arvydas Kavaliauskas.

How to transfer the idea of book house in to the digital space for advertising new books and their reviews in a joyous way for encouraging students to read. Training carried out at Radviliškis Vaižganta’s Progymnasium Indrė Grigaliūnaitė, the librarian and Vaida Apšegienė, the deputy trained by Arvydas Kavaliauskas and Egidijus Dailidonis.

How to upload digital material and create a digital exhibition on facebook (in this specific case it was a bookface exhibition). Training took place at Radviliškis Gražina’s Primary School. Librarians, Kęstute Šivinskienė and Onutė Jankūnienė were trained by Egidijus Dailidonis.