LT- In-service Training Programme

In-service training programme consists of 40 hours and aims to develop competences and skills for the use of smart ICT and social media for educational purposes. The target groups are school and public librarians as well as teachers from pre-school, secondary and vocational schools. The programme helps to develop understanding the importance of utilization of social media in teaching/learning to satisfy needs and expectations of young generation; the knowledge of how to apply smart ICT and social media creating an attractive teaching/learning environment, and encourage educators to create modern, more effective educational environment. The programme strengthens participants’ cooperative and communicative competences. Two training workshops were organized in Radviliškis educational and sport service centre: First one was for school librarians in the district in June 2015 and 14 school librarians participated. Second one was for school teachers from gymnasium and basic schools in October 2015 and 17 teachers were participated. The in-service training programme has been accredited and is presented to implement in the national level.