Eco-Library Webinar, organized by Varna Public Library in November 11, 2015

On November 11th, Public Library – Varna organized a webinar called ‘Eco-Library’ as a part of the X-Libris project activities. More than 25 participants from small libraries and different organizations from Bulgaria attended to the event (see the list). The webinar ‘Eco-Library’ is one of the 5 Smart ICT  services developed at Varna meeting in July 2015.During the webinar there was a training session explains ‘How to promote libraries in Pinterest’.  A presentation giving some ideas how to use Pinterest, how to create a board and how it can be used for libraries needs was given. An example: a board presenting some  herbs from Varna region was shown.

The presentation raised a lot of question which turns into a discussion. A challenge to the participants was given – to created at least one board and present it at the next webinar in 3 weeks. The whole duration of the webinar was 1.5 h.