LT- In-service Training Programme

In-service training programme consists of 40 hours and aims to develop competences and skills for the use of smart ICT and social media for educational purposes. The target groups are school and public librarians as well as teachers from pre-school, secondary and vocational schools. The programme helps to develop understanding the importance of utilization of social media in teaching/learning to satisfy needs and expectations of young generation; the knowledge of how to apply smart ICT and social media creating an attractive teaching/learning environment, and encourage educators to create modern, more effective educational environment. The programme strengthens participants’ cooperative and communicative competences. Two training workshops were organized in Radviliškis educational and sport service centre: First one was for school librarians in the district in June 2015 and 14 school librarians participated. Second one was for school teachers from gymnasium and basic schools in October 2015 and 17 teachers were participated. The in-service training programme has been accredited and is presented to implement in the national level.

DE- In-service Training on Social Media

X-Libris_training social media

In order to be able to activate the users through social media the librarian took part in an individual in-service training on how to use social media provided by wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gemeinnützige GmbH. Due to the fact that Facebook is the most widely used social media in the area, the training focused on this particular social medium. Facebook-Sites of other German libraries have been analyzed and based on that ideas have been developed in which way to use Facebook effectively and how to engage users actively. The Facebook strategy for the library Kabelsketal established during the training includes presentating general information about the library including opening hours, closing dates, new arrived books; initiating a competition on the name of the new mascot in the logo; using the storch as mascot posting on the site; encouraging users to present their favourite books. The training took place as face-to-face training.

DE- Training on Working with the Catalogue

n order to use the online catalogue efficiently the librarian has been trained how to work with it – how to insert new media and delete old media in the back end. Also the users needed to get familiar with the online catalogue. Whereas teenagers and young adults use the online catalogue intuitively, young children and elderly peope need additional guidance. Therefore a video tutorial has been created guiding the user through the steps of searching media in the catalogue. In addition the librarian offers individual training especially for elderly people and includes this training into the general library introduction for young school children. The video tutorial (in German language) can be found under the following link:

DE- Kabelsketal Library Online Catalogue

X-Libris_training online catalogue

In the library Kabelsketal the media have been recorded digitally and transfered into a simple public online catalogue. This online catalogue provides the basic function to search for media regarding the title, the author or the ISBN-number. Since the library Kabelsketal is a small library within a rural area this functionalety has been designed according to the target group and makes the catalogue easy to use. Through the online catalogue the users of the library are able to have a look which media are available in the library and order it from home via e-mail or telephone. This enhances the availability of the library and simplifies the mobile service in order to take the requested media to the users. The online catalogue is available under:

BG- Library Tutorials


Video tutorials, accessible on library website and social media accounts, are developed by Varna Public Library for PC, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. The first tutorial is focused on Varna Digital Library and its searching tools. The tutorial reveals the usage of the advanced IT tools in the library information resources and aimes to attract community’s interest to the world cultural heritage available through the library collection. Visual approach to get knowledge is an informal lifelong learning model.

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BG- Maker-space


This service is based on STEM education (science, technology, engineering, math). It is designed for young users to present them new scientific achievements through play-and-learn methodology and with the help of mentors – specialists in different areas of knowledge.

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BG- Webinars on Social Media


WEBINAR, is a web-based presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web using video conferencing software. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements — the ability to give, receive and discuss information. Varna Public Library developed some training services in the form of webinars.

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BG- E-USER: E-Services for the Library Users


The e-services developed by Varna Public Library follow the recent trends of library services’ 24/7/365 availability and include:

  • online request for library materials
  • self-service for check-in and check-out
  • “Ask a Librarian” online service