Xlibris OER and MOOCs are now available in five languages on two different platforms. You can access the content either through project website or through Udemy platform. All you need to do is to get registered with UdemyPlatform (free of charge). Please follow the following links:


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Project Final Event will be organized in June 27, 2016, Ankara, Turkey

final_meeting Project Final Event will be organized in Ankara at Rixos Hotel on 27th June 2016. It will be a whole day event where the project, its aims, methodologies and outcomes are introduced. Phases of service co-design with users will be presented along with the methodologies used in each phase (e.g. Lego Serious Play, Business Model Canvas, Crowdsourcing). Hands on activities will be included. Training on certain themes such as Green Libraries, Branding, Gamification and Innovative Tools will also be provided.

Librarians from all sectors are invited to take part.

Preliminary Program Newsletter 3

XLIBRIS offers a series of workshops at Paris Descartes University, Paris, France between 14-15 October 2015:

Branding Workshop: In this workshop, participants will prototype branding services and campaigns for cultural institutions (3 hours. 14 October 2015, 09:30-12:30. Maximum capacity: 30 people).

Greening Workshop: In this workshop, participants will prototype green services and/or greening campaigns for cultural institutions (14 October 2015, 14:00-17:00. Maximum capacity: 30 people).

Redesigning Library Services Workshop: In this workshop, participants will prototype a new library service on social media and will use gamification concept (15 October 2015, 09:30-12:30. Maximum capacity: 20 people).

Project Design Workshop: In this workshop, participants will prototype a library oriented project (15 October 2015, 14:00-17:00. Maximum capacity: 20 people).

For more information please check our leaflet.

Within the scope of X-LIBRIS Project, Hacettepe University Department of
Information Management has organized an International Shelfie Competition.

Selected shelfies, selfies in front of library shelves,, have been exhibited at Paris Decartes University in Paris, France in May 2015 and Kadir Has Information Center in Istanbul, Turkey, in June 2015.

Twenty five images selected out of 151. We invite you to have a look at our to see these images and to get more information about the competition.

A two days workshop is organized at Kadir Has University Information Centre in Istanbul between 29-30 June 2015. First day will be on Branding for Libraries and the second day will be on Game Design in Social Media. This workshop is designed based on actual training needs of librarians which explored during Ankara Workshop in February.

Shelfie Exhibition will open its doors on 29th of June at Kadir Has University Information Center and will remain open during the workshop dates.

We have recieved more than hundred shelfies from around the world for the Shelfie Instagram Competition. Contributions can be seen in the following link: http://iconosquare.com/ tag/xlibrishelfie . The number is growing. Deadline is extended by May 15, 2015. First exhibition will take place at QQML Conference in Paris on 26-29 May, 2015. Second exhibition will open its doors on 29 June 2015 at Kadir Has University Library, Istanbul.


Project’s third transnational meeting is organized between 8-12 June 2015, at Leipzig and Kabelsketal, Germany. First day is for study visits to Stadtbibliothek Leipzig (City Library of Leipzig) and Bibliotheca Albertina  (Albertina University Library) to observe innovative smart ICT based library services. Second day is dedicated to project management issues such as reports and documentation of activities, costs, and dissemination initiatives. A workshop will be organized on the following two days (10-11 June) with local stake holders. Last day is for the evaluation of the workshop and preparations for first year’s project report. Workshop will take place at Dorfgemeinschaftshaus Kabelsketal, while the other meetings will be at seminar room of Wisamar in Leipzig.

Workshop Flyer

Bulgarian Library Association’s Annual Conference is organized on 4-5 June in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Expected number of participants is about 150 from all around Bulgaria.  At this Conference, X-Libris project will be presented in details.

Within the project a workshop on branding for libraries is planned. Our workshop proposal titled as New Opportunities, New Behaivours, New Consumers is accepted by the review committee of QQML2015 ( 7 th International Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries ). QQML2015 Conference will be held on 26-29 May 2015, in Paris, France.

In this two hours workshop participants will learn about branding, how libraries can use branding, what tools are available and how to evaluate the metrics. This workshop is one of the outcomes of the project. It is a training service for librarians.

Workshop Flyer

On 11 th May there is a Conference on Lifelong Learning Experience organized in Varna Region, expected number of participants of which is about 120.  X-Libris project will be presented in this Conference.