X-LIBRIS aims to achive the following goals:

  • Creating innovative open educational resources to contribute lifelong learning
  • Helping adults to develop new skills and competencies and improve their ICT skills
  • Developing and providing new learning/training oppotunities for users
  • Using innovative pedagogies (educational methodologies and approaches) for training
  • Exploring smart ICT to design new library services
  • Opening the library space through new services
  • Developing OER and MOOCs to reach to a wide range of dislocated audiences
  • Bringing end user to take part in service design
  • Redesigning library services based on users’ needs and expectations
  • Providing re-designed in-service training for librarians
  • Fostering peer group learning and intergenerational education
  • Enabling construction and deployment of community of practice
  • Facilitating strategic partnership for partners to learn from each other’s experience
  • Eliminating risk of exclusion due to lack of needed services
  • Enhancing the role of libraries and new media by developing innovative in-servicetraining